Sunrise at Beacon

After several attempts I was able to be present on a clear morning to get a shot of the sunrise on Beacon Rock. The Gorge has a mind of its own when it some to weather and I have always greeted early mornings under the cover of fog or clouds. Today was different.


Big thanks to Jenny for joining me for the climb to a ledge where we waited for day break. By waited I mean slept. After a quick Alfredo Dinner and some chamomile tea we lingered on falling asleep. The densely packed Milky Way directly above above our heads was only interrupted once by a passing helicopter on its way to Portland. The bats stayed up long past our bedtime, and our night light was the occasional train that would illuminate the cliff face.


Some how the day hints at its arrival and there is no need for the alarm clock.



Some answer the call while others…



But eventually the coming day gets her way.



And reminds us that as much as we’d like, we can’t stay.



Oatmeal and coffee, muffins had to wait. We watched on as fisherman below dropped anchor and set their bait. On an island just little ways away, a herd of elk, 15 strong, began their day. Grazing lazily, on a pasture greener, as I rushed to get to work, and Jenny to her Weiner.