Just last week we made a quick hike up, with an overnight, to just below the Jefferson Park Glacier. Today the area that we hiked is closed due to wild fire. My thoughts and prayers are with fire crews working the lines. I have yet to do a write up on it but I was reminded of the sunset we experienced that evening. As the sun gets closer the the horizon everything is immersed in that alpine glow right to the very last sliver of sun that peaks over the horizon. It reminded me off a period in my life with more turmoil than usual. It is in our lowest lows and our highest highs that we realize what it is to be human. I was experiencing both at the same time. Fighting in courts to see my daughter more, and for one of the suns many sets, watching it disappear over the horizon with my 9 year old daughter. I thought of this when helplessly watching the sun, and that moment with my daughter, disappear never to be duplicated again. From there on just a memory, and this a reminder.

Man has poached

Man has hunted
Man has trapped
King of all predators
Our history mapped
Man has thought
Man has planned
Man has made
Free will from us
God never forbade.
Man has dreamt
Man has felt
Man has admired
To paper and canvas
His heart he retired.
We’ve done nearly all
Even reached for the skies
Man ever so tall
Above all thus far rise.
There exists a perplexion
No matter attempt
I can find no correction
My own failure contempt.
Her warmth we’ve employed
Her shine we have used
In cold days she has joyed
Our lives deeply infused.
Which is why I’m confused.
Her actions selfless and noble
Worth of all praise.
Her goodness is global
Her sight us amaze.
She is guilty of one thing
And I can’t come to terms.
Her action my heart sting
The day’s end it confirms.
Greedy and thefty
Just bear with me now
My meaning is hefty
It will question your bow.
She slips away daily
And slips the day too
Just beyond the horizon
Come to slip more than a few.
She stockpiles her spoils
Not wanting to share.
The fruit of our toils
We beg her return, but she doesn’t care.
So much man can boast
But at the day’s end
The sun takes the most
Her triumphs transcend.
We watch her in awe
In the act of her crime.
Perhaps it’s our own flaw
That we take for granted our time.